12 March 2009

Speaking of the beach...

This is Rockport, my hometown where I grew up, and also where my dad grew up. I miss it so much and hate Dallas all the more because I have it to miss! (Sorry, everyone who didn't know, but I love to hate Dallas! I love Steve's condo where we live, and our balcony, and shopping all the time, but really, I hate this city. Even though I'm quite happy with my life in it.:) Anyway, this is a good picture of what it's like where I came from. My friend Liz took it the day after Steve's and my wedding, New Year's Eve 2006:

I never understood until I left why people love it so much and always go back there. As a kid, when I heard people say, "Oh I just love Rockport!! I would live there if only I could!" I would think, "Why? It's boring!" Now I miss it too. :) I am going there in just a few days!! More later....

07 March 2009

Palm Beach looks a lot different these days...

Today, Steve came home from his errands with flowers for me!!! :) A wonderful bouquet with orange roses, purple mums and alstroemeria, tall green grasses, (which my Kince loves to bite) and these green fluffy, tuft-y blooms on long stalks that remind me of the trees Dr. Suess books. It's beautiful and wonderful and I love it. :) He always brings me flowers when I am least expecting it, and they make me soooooo happy.

He also brought me another surprise! A poster of this picture:

Isn't it wonderful? It's Palm Beach in 1905. He saw it on shorpy and just knew I would love it. I do! :) He is so sweet! I am going to frame it and hang it in our bedroom, on an empty wall where I could never quite hang the right picture. I am so excited. :)

a picture of part of my thoughts

So I have been really busy the last few weeks. When I get tired and busy, sharing my thoughts with all of you is kind of hard, because, well, thoughts are the first thing to go. And then I don't have any to share. :( Anyway, but it's Saturday morning and I am having tea and enjoying the lovely breeze on my balcony, and the thoughts are slowly returning...

I could say something about politics, but let's all be spared. I could say something about shopping for a dress for a wedding coming up, but it's been dismal, so again, let's be spared. (I'll just say that I have been to more than 30 stores, and seen nothing but pure hideousness--even if I had hundreds of dollars to spend on a dress, I would not have spent it, they were all so ugly. Either that or mostly just those sorts of fun little dresses that my fronts are way too big for... As I told a friend, a bit too much fun.) Why is it so hard? I really just need to get my sewing machine fixed.

I have also been thinking a lot about decorating/organizing/cleaning things to do around the house. Sometime soon, perhaps I will post pictures of my striped piano room with it's empty golden frames on the walls and it's Alice-in-Wonderland-purple bookshelf, and it's rich and lovely, dripping-orange-wax candelabra. :) Or my beautiful, bubblegum pink closet! (I can do this when I stop finding it so astronomically challenging to take a picture, and get it from my camera to my computer and from my computer to my blog. Right now, I only can manage to get pictures that are already on the web, like from facebook and stuff.)

But really, I am just sort of consumed with wanting to make another cup of tea right now. In just a minute. And since I only post pictures from the internet right now, here's a really good one:

A bathtub that I very much want to take a bath in. My friend in Chicago has a bathtub like this. I took lots of baths in it (and pictures of it!) when I was there last summer. These sorts of bathtubs are some of my favorite things ever, and it's even better when they have feet. My friend's has feet. :) This one doesn't, but I chose the picture because it's still the perfect shape and I love how the faucets are on the side, and I love the stool next to it, and the way the light is coming whitely through the window.

Anyway, I think about bathtubs a lot, so I thought y'all should hear about it at least once.