23 April 2015

The more time goes by, the more I am learning to be happy with life being a process, instead of some stagnant state of "perfection" dreamed up by my vanity.  Some processes I am focused on right now are my house (and possible garden), my wardrobe (making it minimal, functional and interesting to me), makeup (always),  making music and of course my lively littles (wardrobing them, picnicking with and otherwise parenting them.)

It seems I write a blog post about every two years now. That seems to be about how often I have actual thoughts these days. The truth is, the last few years have been a tiring time of having babies and moving to a couple of different places.  Now that we are settled in our 1970's house, which I hope to slowly renovate/decorate, I think I would like to share my thoughts and projects again.  And typing feels good on my fingers.

Have a great weekend!