23 May 2012

I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner, can I?

Several months ago, I had a rather glamorous Thursday. I even took pictures of it and subsequently promised to blog about it later. The glamorousness sort of faded as time went on. However, I still have the pictures, and I think I'll try to revisit what lingering glamour is left by finally blogging about it now. That's a good way to celebrate on of the most uninspiring, un-glamorous, UNmotivated weeks I've had in my entire life. (That week is happening right now.)

Mmmmm. Butter London paintnolish. :)

 One of the best things about Glamorous Thursday was that I was able to ignore the impossible mess around me and just enjoy my day with Alexander and his blessed smiles and naps.

 A robe from a thrift store might not seem the most glamorous thing to be wearing all day, but it is when the tag says two special words: Neiman Marcus. And I any day where you see the word "vogue", no matter where, becomes a little less mundane.

Oh, here's the mess. A small part of it, only. I guess I thought it was glamorous too. It sort of is, isn't it?
Red lipstick adds a lot to your day sometimes. Especially if it happens to be Chanel.
I know Alexander seems to think so...
And I also know that I got the inspiration that day to paint my bedside table mustard yellow and avocado green. It was a great day. I don't know when I'll be inspired to have another glamorous Thursday, but I hope it will be soon.