27 April 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow...cake.

Sometime when I'm not sick, and when I finally get my flour out of the box marked "PANTRY" I'm going to make this exciting cake that makes me so happy to look at!!!


21 April 2011

On Groups

I was talking with a woman recently, my Bible study leader, in fact, and I shared that since I am pregnant and not sure what that holds for me, I may not want to commit to being involved in the Bible study in the coming fall semester.

She said she understood, but proceeded to tell me how nice it is to be involved in a group of other moms, how it would really help me and bless me to be surrounded by others going through various stages of the same thing.

The idea of surrounding myself with a bunch of other moms who I otherwise would never be in contact with, and with whom I probably have little in common bugs me. Of course I'll need help and advice. I know how to take care of a baby, an infant, a newborn. Odd as that seems for a first-time mom, I know all about it. Not everything, and I've never been the one ultimately responsible for the child's well-being, so on that level, it will be very different.

But the general things, cleaning that cord-leftover thingy before it falls off, bathing, doing the nose thing when they have boogers, spit-up, teething, horrible, blow-out diapers, forcing liquid vitamins down their throats, taking two year olds to the bathroom in Walmart..I've been there, done that, thankyouverymuch. It was the only life I knew for quite some time. That's what I did while others my age were going to highschool, or 5th grade for that matter, having boyfriends and playground drama, and then those same kids wanted to know what I'd do when I got into the real world. In many ways I was the one who was already there.

Anyway, this post isn't even about that. That's a sidetrack and it remains that I've never been a mother and will need someone to call, someone to ask, "Is this normal? What do I do when...?" But why does it have to be a designated group? I have a quite experienced mother. I am blessed that she is here for me to ask those things. And I also have freinds, lots of friends and cousins, and aunts, and just people around me! Some of them are mothers and some aren't. Some are used to babies and some aren't.

All I'm saying is I just don't get why, on every side these days, there are people telling you to be in a group. I AM in a group, it's called LIFE!

Is it really the case that so many people have so few human connections in their daily lives, that they have to join a group to have that? Do I have such a completely unique situation that I am sheltered and narrow-minded in thinking that it is normal to be naturally connected with people?