16 October 2008

kings and queens and acorns

Fall is my favorite season ever. Autumn, actually. That is a prettier word to use. I love it because of the coolness, pumpkins and acorns, and I love it when leaves fly at my windshield while I am driving. Driving in some nice cloudy weather, and suddenly you are going through a tunnel of blowing, flying leaves. Swirly, mingle-y leaves...

I was thrilled the first time that happened to me. I never realized it was possible until I lived in Dallas. In Rockport, most of the trees are the kingly live oaks which, while they have the best trunks ever, for climbing, or drawing, or for staring at and imagining spooky or medieval fairytale things, they do not have the best leaves. Their leaves are so small and heavy that they fall almost without floating at all! And they don't fall in Autumn, they fall in April, when the new leaves have already grown in.

Anyway, yesterday I found an acorn. Still nice and green, like the ones Kristin and I used to gather at home from the live oaks. I picked it up and took it with me in my purse. I love acorns very much. Isn't it amazing how God thought to make acorns the way they are, seeds that are big enough to find on the ground and admire, or play with, or fill a bucket with or have fights with! (How was that for a lot of prepositions?) And the best thing about acorns is their name.

Acorn has always been one of my top favorite words for as long as I can remember. I realize that some people do not think about favorite words that much, so it might be strange that I do. But it is really fun, and the words you like can make you so happy! I am disappointed that "acorn" reminds me of voter fraud at present, but Steve says that will pass in a few weeks. Oh whatever! Go look it up, if you want. I am listening to a book on the lives of the kings and queens of England and I am peacefully reminded that politics has always been this way and am happy that our God has the real power, aren't you? I don't know what acorns were called in the garden of Eden, or what they are called in any other languages, but in this rare case I am entirely satisfied with only knowing the english. Acorn, acorn, acorn! We might have an acorn-shaped cookie cutter...

I know I have not posted in forever. I have had a very busy October, but I am learning not to be such a mama bear about my time, and that is very freeing! I am off to a babyshower tour of Texas this weekend, but after that, I think I will not too busy for a few weeks.