28 February 2011

I'm not opinionated

I love real things. The false world that is diets and endless gyms and celebrity-following is so repulsive. I don't know how anyone can stand it. In my life, I have real foods, real sugar, real cream, real stairs.

Small portions of reality are better by far than huge portions of fake things.

A post for February

You know too much is going on when it's March and you've been to church twice this year. Life has been a busy monster these first two months of the year. Not bad, but too busy to continue normally, that's for sure.

We had a New Year's Party, the next weekend was normal, then Steve left on business, then I met him in Vegas, then it was February. My Dan Dan died, we all got together and had the memorial, then we were sick, then was a big wedding, and now it's now.

I feel paralyzed by the many projects I want to do. The beautiful open, unstructured days of my present life overwhelm me. If I were working, I'd want to cancel it, but now there is nothing to cancel, and I still stress out. Human nature.

I want to enjoy the fresh air and the fresh time, and stop putting things off.