19 February 2010

if you're interested

Some days are picture perfect, even if they're simple, or full of un-unique sorts of pleasures. Some days are especially perfect if you forget to mention that you spent part of them teaching.

Today, I wore my new boots, and a fun old ragged-edged striped skirt with a bustle. I wore my pink sunglasses. And, just as a side note, I am enjoying my last month as a redhead. That's another story.

After dinner at the mall with my mom and sister, I came home with a new black Kenneth Cole shirt ($22!), my tummy full of Chinese food, and my neck drenched in Parisian perfume. I didn't practice as much as I should have today, but I did go to an extra ballet class, and when I got home from the mall, I sat down at the piano and a beautiful, old standard sounding sort of imrpov came tumbling out. I felt sort of surrounded and inspired by the perfume, and the music just sort of went with that.

I am currently on the couch wearing socks, (very important) lovely soft jammies and dr. pepper chapstick. Drinking chamomile tea and eating some belated Valentine's chocolate from a student, watching the Olympics.

01 February 2010

memoirs of a good day

Today is a new month. I have a new grocery allowance, a new lease on catching up on my Bible study, and I have practiced a million times more than I had the beginning of last month. It was a happy day today. Here is what happened:

I went to the grocery store and got some awesome groceries that we really needed. Now we finally have CEREAL!!!

Our bed got clean sheets on it. (it's always good to have brand new clean sheets, especially when half the usual occupants of your bed are animals!)

Not that having animals is an excuse for changing the sheets, I mean, I would have done it anyway. Is this tmi? Okay, moving on...

I made a TON of rich, good chicken stock.

Well, not really a ton. More like a couple of gallons, actually.

I had tea and chocolate pound cake.

I changed my calendar in the piano room, and taught a little boy who is playing three actual classical pieces and nothing out of method books. Woohoo!! :)

I scrubbed and scrubbed my kitchen. See? Here is my cute little sink area in the process of being cleaned.

I made bread and creamy potato soup, and talked into the night with my husband about possibilities.

new trend/blogging habit

I am suddenly posting a lot more on the fashion blog I have with my sister. :) It was a really dead blog for a really long time, and it's finally not, so go check it out!