12 October 2010

After practicing...

I am left tired and hungry but amazed by the dizzying intellect that is Bach.

As a side note, I was in church while visiting my husband's sister and we sang one of my favorite hymns, O Sacred Head Now Wounded. Well, actually, we didn't sing the words I knew, (which I absolutely love) but the music was the same, a melody from a 1600s love song, later harmonized by Bach. Hearing it played on the organ made me almost imagine that I was in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, hearing Bach play it.

Anyway, back to the present, there's nothing like a 5-voice fugue to make you stand back in wonder.

Bach's stunning mind made fugues. And God made J.S. Bach.

11 October 2010

crying over spilled chicken

My darling blue hen-on-nest covered butter dish broke today. Well, the lid did, anyway. Dropped clumsily from seven or eight inches above, it shattered into a million pieces on the counter. I think anyone who has granite countertops on purpose is out of their mind. I'm a person who passionately loves each dish that I own, and the granite countertop has been cruel indeed, in the few months I've occupied this apartment.

But, I ordered a new butter dish online, and I'm very excited because it's jadeite!

Nothing special about jadeite, really, except that I've been obsessed with mint green for the past year or so.

In other news, we had a wonderful (and these days, rare) weekend at home together! A date at the riverwalk, dinner with family, a football game (not on TV) and Thai noodles. More later.

(For the record, I decided to cancel my order for the dear, green chicken. I liked it but I think I should just wait until I come across one randomly again and not spend $$ just to fix everything that breaks in my life.)

04 October 2010

When we get a house...

...I'm going to remember this:

I think it's so charming to have dishes stored out in the open. It's practical too, if they are things you use every day, like teacups, teapots and coffee mugs. I thought one usually could not do that without having those doorless cupboards that not many houses have these days, but just putting up your own shelves like this is a lovely idea!