31 May 2011

new prayers

Throughout my teens and 20s, I have been deeply impressed more and more by how my parents have prayed for us children, especially the unique, detailed things they asked of the Lord for each of our lives while we were still unborn. My mother and daddy both wrote down those prayers, and it builds my faith in how amazing God is to see the answers that have come so many years later, in such different ways than might have been foreseen.

I used to think I would be some other mature, awesome person when it was my time to pray for my unborn children. The time has come sooner than I expected. I'm not mature and awesome, but I still want to be like Jesus, my graceful and gracious Mimi and my never-boring, long-praying parents.

I know that more prayers will come to my heart, and to Steve's, but this last week I have wanted to pray that this child will be mighty in the Lord and boldly tell people about Jesus. I guess I would pray that for all my children, but it seems special for this one.

The only other thing I've thought of yet is this: I really pray that this child will be able to hear harmonies like its mother. On the surface, it seems not the deepest of prayers, but singing harmonies with other people feeds my soul, and I would love to have a child who would be able to share that with me.

I thought of it while home last weekend. The whole family, even Daddy, stayed up late outside, Daddy and Stephen churning a broken ice cream maker with a wrench, all of us telling stories and laughing, but mostly singing together. When I can turn to one of my sisters and say, "You go up, I'll go down" and the rest of the family sings the melody, it is one of the best moments in my life, and always has been. I feel blessed to have been made so amazingly happy by something that some are never able to even notice or care for. People are all blessed in their own way, but I am very grateful my way, if that makes sense. I'm sure everybody feels that way. I hope they can.

So, bold sharing of Jesus, and harmony. I'll be interested to see what other prayers come into our hearts for this one.

23 May 2011

feel the power

(Oh, I can feel it.)

In the next month, I need find something to wear to:

3 showers
a graduation
2 rehearsal dinners, and
a wedding. (in which I can't be too outlandish because I'm the pianist.)

I do not know how most of my clothes will fit me in the next few weeks, but I feel some sort of satisfying powerfulness at the thought of not buying anything new. Anyone can go buy something and turn up looking great, but I mean to take on the challenge of using (gasp!) what I already have. I think I trust my own creativity and weirdness with my clothes to be able to come up with at least a few interesting things. It should be fun. Wish me luck!