23 May 2012

I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner, can I?

Several months ago, I had a rather glamorous Thursday. I even took pictures of it and subsequently promised to blog about it later. The glamorousness sort of faded as time went on. However, I still have the pictures, and I think I'll try to revisit what lingering glamour is left by finally blogging about it now. That's a good way to celebrate on of the most uninspiring, un-glamorous, UNmotivated weeks I've had in my entire life. (That week is happening right now.)

Mmmmm. Butter London paintnolish. :)

 One of the best things about Glamorous Thursday was that I was able to ignore the impossible mess around me and just enjoy my day with Alexander and his blessed smiles and naps.

 A robe from a thrift store might not seem the most glamorous thing to be wearing all day, but it is when the tag says two special words: Neiman Marcus. And I any day where you see the word "vogue", no matter where, becomes a little less mundane.

Oh, here's the mess. A small part of it, only. I guess I thought it was glamorous too. It sort of is, isn't it?
Red lipstick adds a lot to your day sometimes. Especially if it happens to be Chanel.
I know Alexander seems to think so...
And I also know that I got the inspiration that day to paint my bedside table mustard yellow and avocado green. It was a great day. I don't know when I'll be inspired to have another glamorous Thursday, but I hope it will be soon.


Carrie said...

LOVE this!!! What thrift stores do you go to? I would love to go with you sometime....I've never been!!

Bethanie said...

Carrie-- thanks! The robe is from Castaways, the thrift store I grew up going to in my hometown. :) Here, I go to Treasure City Thrift (@ E 7th and Robert J Martinez), St. Vincents on South Congress, Top Drawer Vintage (on Burnet and 50-something) and Savers on Burnet just a little north of Top Drawer. :) Since they're all so far south I haven't gone much since A was born, but we should try to go!

Nate Shenk said...

The last picture made me LOL. Really it did. I want to steal it and use it, but I won't because stealing is illegal/not nice.

P.S. I miss you

Bethanie said...

lol Nay! You can have the pic if you want. :) :) I know, it's so funny isn't it, because he sort of looks less than pleased, but like he's bearing it patiently. It's good to be back on blogs these days! Miss you too!!

Kristin said...

love the pic of alexander with the kisses all over his face! he has grown so much since then!